Summer is here.

One question that i get asked is how are you guys going to handle summer in Key West without air conditioning. Well we have AC. Or OW. Open Windows. As we approach the end of June, the weather is great here. We almost always have a breeze moving thru the boat, and part of that is due to the number of opening ports and hatches.

On our boat, we have 11 overhead hatches and 14 side ports that open. And the cockpit doors. So even when it raining, we can still maintain the side ports open, as well as the cockpit doors due to having the enclosure over it.

Yes, it will warm up a tad without all the windows open, but not as bad as you might believe. Also, adding a simple wind booster to the boat increases the air flow by a large percentage. I hope to post a few pictures here later this week.

Add to this a simple homemade shade cover for parts of the boat, and temperatures drop dramatically. Its no different than sitting at a tiki bar on the beach. Just the drinks are cheaper, and the service slower.. heheh.. oh barmaid… lol.