Sailing is never without adventure!

As a great sailor once said, the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude! A great sail turned into a hard grounding and an impact with submerged rock! Chart depths lied and the marina staff said over the phone that we had plenty of room. Wrong!

A normally 6 ft depth at low tide channel turned into 5’2″ and that was on a partially rising tide. Pulled into the channel for Bimini Sands Marina and yard darted the boat in the middle of the channel. Managed to corral a passing dive boat to help free us. Then turned to circle out and soft impacted an object below the water. No immediate signs of damage but will be diving the boat in the morning. Scratch Bimini Sands Marina off of any future trips for us as the shoaling is too bad into the channel!

And kudos to Bimini Blue Water marina for finding us a slip and not breaking the bank. Hell of an evening for a boat that had not seen a dock in over a year and a half!

Picture looks great except it is way more shallow than they report!