Royal Island Harbor, Eleuthera

After a nearly 11 hr crossing from just outside Little Harbor, Abacos to Northern Eleuthera, we arrived as the sun was setting in Royal Island Harbor. Not without some very major and daunting issues. One of the three boats in our group lost a shaft key that allows the motor to turn the prop, causing them to possibly bail to Nassau for a fix under sail alone in very upset weather. Over 8 hrs travel in 20 kt wind and heavy seas of 8+ rollers (yup weatherman blew it again). On Disorder we had the bale that connects the boom control lines separate during one extreme set of rollers and gusts. If it wasn’t for a preventer line we rigged it might have been bad.

It appears to have been crevice corrosion, because no indication of issues when i last checked them 2 months ago.

So as we sit at anchor concerned about our friends on Orion, licking a few wounds of our own, we pause. Sun/Mon appears to be more unsettled weather so we will reevaluate our position in the am and see where the next jump point or sit it out here.