Rodriquez Key, good ol’ USA

Ok, found a great weather window, and left Great Harbour Cay yesterday at 0500 am. 32 hours and 185 miles later, we dropped anchor in Rodrique Key in Key Largo at 1 pm. Crossing the Gulf Stream is alway stressful, and at night, double that.

We dodged two separate waterspouts, idiots in power boats with a death wish, and thunderstorms.

While the weather cooperated mostly with us for the crossing, after that, our ave speed fell to around 4 kt. And the direction stayed SW rather than S as predicted.

Overall, it still was a great trip. Will crash here for the evening and push onward towards Marathon tomorrow and Key West hopefully Monday.

I can not stress the need to put AIS-B on your boat for any major travels. We had at times 7 massive ships all moving around at night. Each with its own agenda, and a path to get there. And let me tell you, it was so great to see when they would change course to give you a little bit more clearance without any need to request it.

So we will relax and push on tomorrow.