Return to Key West

We left Marathon for Key West planning a normal day. Winds were predicted to be decreasing so knew we would be motor sailing at least part of the passage. As we were pulling anchor our traveling boat called over with what was later found to be, yup, another sheared prop key, Prop fouled in chuck of what appeared to be blue tarp. Hmmm, 5000 houses with blue tarps in the keys,,, go figure,,, After helping get them underway we resume pulling anchor and start motoring out only to find fan belt squealing. Yup reached around 75 hr since last belt, about what i would expect. So stopped, drifted, changed belt. All the while weather building behind us. Start off again, and large areas of floating garbage patches of mix of debris and seagrasses. 30 minutes later, see temperatures start rising on engine. Yup, plugged intake and strainer. Again, stop, clear clog and strainer, and start off again. Over the next hour could not get above 4 kts. Finally looking out notice boat giving off odd wake. Walk back to look at it and lo and behold, dragging a full size crab pot. You got to be kidding me! Stop boat, tried to hook pot. Reverse/foward, and suddenly pop! Trap falls off and ball pops up and we are free again. Again weather moving all this time closer. As we are beating closer to Key West, temperature is still warmer than i want it, but still moving moderate water in exhaust. Likely needs an impeller change. Not doing it til we get securely anchored, so slowed to keep temperatures lower, and as we turn into the channel of Key West, its an outgoing tide with a nearly 3.5 current against us. So we finished the final 2 miles at 2.8 kts into the anchorage. Find the first spot open enough and set the anchor. Little deeper than i like, at 18 ft but for a few days this will work. It was as if the boats were protesting coming back, as we have had so many great days and beautiful water they wanted to stay out and play. So here we are back where this great trip started with S/V Orion, S/V Z-Raye, and soon will have S/V Sanitis back as well. Now its time to catch up with old friends and hit a few happy hours and stuff our faces with food. Watch our pages for a summary of our trip called Bahamas 2018.