Marsh Harbor, Abacos

Let me say coming to Marsh Harbor we were chased by a weather squall that popped up around noon and built up all day. Gusts 15-20 and rain followed us for about 3 hours. As we made landfall into Marsh Harbor, looked like 100 of your closest friends decided to park everywhere and you played dodge ball to find a spot just to stop the car ,or even park it.

The great weather that allowed us a perfect passage allowed many boats to jump thru as well, with the bottle neck being Marsh Harbor. From 28 ft sailboats to 80 ft power boats , they all decided to visit Marsh Harbor. Same time, same day. And as we arrive the edge of that front was flirting around the harbor.

As we picked out a likely spot to anchor , the winds clocked around that jacked up the layout we planned to anchor in. 20min later after snagging another boats anchor line and then freeing it without crashing into 3 others we picked another spot and got the anchor down and holding.

So as day one in Marsh Harbor comes to a close with 20kts of wind, a tired crew and likely being held weather hostage til Sunday we settle in with decent days work done, and say more tomorrow with phone and data services.