Key West

Once again we have return to Key West, home of the non stop party… but that is only part of the story… we chose Key West as home more for the convenience of where it was not the 24 hr party atmosphere… we look at where we wanted to travel and KW allows us the flexibility to go those places… never-mind the fact it has more places offering happy hour for both food and drink per sq mile than any other place on the globe. You can literally eat cheaper on happy hour here than you can cook. Talk about making a penny stretch… the key is after happy hour is over, quit. Lets see tonight bang bang shrimp, $5. Peel and eat shrimp $5. Jalapeño poppers $5. So yes very easy to eat cheap. So whats the draw back? Not everyone is adapt at living at anchor. Not every boat is equip to survive and function at anchor. It takes planning and willpower. And you have to watch the weather. Its the 24 of May, and the threat of a tropical storm looms close. So as a precaution we took a mooring ball for the week. Watching the weather to make sure we are ahead of the storm. In the ideal world i would be 500 miles away from a storm. In the real world, you make plans based on where you are.

So we moved to the mooring ball as haft the crew bounces to Vero Beach to visit kids, leaving me here to watch the boat. So the most prudent action was a week on a ball. Now the anchor has held in gusts over 60 kts, and while i am sure of the boats ability, i wanted a little bit of piece of mind during a threat of a storm. Still not at a dock,, but secure enough for the coming storm. So as we wait and watch, we update pages and blogs and hopefully find ourselves prepared for the upcoming season.

Follow us as we explore Key West, from Hemingway house to the haunted mansions. ….