Hurricanes, storms and sailing…

Someone once asked me what the biggest challenge was with owning a sailboat. It isn’t the work, or the cost, or even the amount of time and money that it takes to keep things humming along. Its the damn unpredictable weather.

We have been here in Bimini for going on two weeks. A small window collapsed on us earlier so now its about 4-5 days before good weather arrives again. Add in TS Andrea and oh so much fun.

There are much worse places to get delayed at. Great places to eat, drink and visit! We took the dinghy out to the wreck just s of the island, snorkeled a bit and picked up sea glass up at the south end of the island.

Some people would be bitching about sitting here, paying for a slip. We took it as a chance for a vacation from everything. And at $60 a day, its not really that bad.

We have worked on a few boat projects, drank at the Thirsty Turtle, wandered the trails and in general enjoyed the Bahamas.

So while not 300 miles south, the water is beautiful, the beaches are white, and we are loving it!