Departure time looming close

As I sat discussing at our Friday dock party, about sailing away to parts unknown so many months back, I jokingly stated we have months of time to finish those things we had on our list of to-dos. Time. We had loads and loads of time. Many projects but shoot, time on our side….. NOT!

Here we sit days and a weather window from cutting the lines and starting day-1 of the next chapter and time isn’t free or plentiful. A windless motor we put off giving me headaches over parts. A starter that decided to act up. A sail needing raised yet days of wind and rain fighting to push back again leaving….

I hear the Velcro dock calling. “Stay…what’s your hurry… there’s always next year…”

I hear the boat calling “Who needs a windless for an anchor you should never need…Sail not motor, who needs a starter…”

I hear my co-workers saying “Your never leaving, who are you kidding…You love it here!”

Somewhere between the daymares and daydreams we carry on… One bolt, one line, one step… We said many many moons ago, that we would not live by a schedule, we would not be on a time line, and we will leave not one minute past when things are done enough. Not done, but done enough. Here we watch the carnage of Hurricane Harvey, watch Invest 92, and push back the worry are we close enough? Done enough?

Days! We push on telling family and friends days. Not weeks, not months…